Zeitong Tibetan vocational school
Posté le 20/08/2004
School is located at the south west of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture under Shangrila County, Tsitang town which is 70km from Shangrila.It is located on the top of the Tsitang village and 15minutes walk from the road side.
School is founded by the reincarnated Bakha Rinpoche in September 2002 at his own retreat property which have around 50mu at the moment. There are 43 students (26 boys and 17 girls) aging from 8 to 20 years old. All the students are from the village poor family who cannot go to school where they have to pay fees and some of the elderly student who havenít got a chance to study in their early age.
In the school at the moment Tibetan is taught as main subject. In the near future to be accepted as registered school as per rules and regulation they will teach Chinese language and English too.
The future planning of the Bhaka Rinpochela is that he want to teach some skill of own Tibetan culture like painting, medicinal, woodcraft, tailoring and mechanic as per his funding would like to teach technical thing that will not only help them but also to the village people in the future.
class room photo Posté le 20/08/2004
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