Bio-Gas Systems and solar Energy
Including Bio-Gas Systems and solar Energy
The disastrous floods in the lower reaches River in 1998 were blamed on the deforestation of the watersheds upstream. In 2000, all natural forest in the Yangtze and yellow River in 1998 basins completely closed to commercial logging, though tree cutting from the village’s collective forest for daily needs was still allowed. After the public forest were closed, villagers had to apply for a logging license to shop down trees for their houses.

As a solution, the communities voted to experiment with the use of bio-gas systems and solar energy. Installed in more than 50 households in five villages, the biogas project aimed to demonstrate a way of decrease dependence on firewood for cooking and heating by using natural waste as an alternative fuel source. Additionally, for voluntarily closing up their community forest for the protection of plant and animal species, the villagers of Nilongbao, a community with Yeri’s largest area of primary forest, were provided solar energy units by the project as compensation.
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