Engaging Buddhist communities
Buddhism as a belief system and way of life has always promoted traditional community and cultural values and linking them with the natural word. The religion principles offer potential solutions for dealing with problems behind environmental destruction and can serve as appropriate media for teaching and learning about important environmental concepts. In so doing, they can empower people and communities to take better care of their environment. The project, working with the local monks and nuns, applies traditional Buddhist ideal of wisdom and compassion to community service and practical action engaging them in community education and natural resource management process. Activities conducted by the area’s monks via WWF support include:
• Afforesting hillsides
• Establishing and environmental education center in Dongzhulin Monastery
• Founding the Baimaxueshan Tibetan School
• Co-managing the Luoni Sacred mountain of BMXS Reserve and Dongzhulin Monastery
Additionally, WWF provided ecology training for monks, facilitated by teachers from Tibet University’s Environmental Education Center.
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