Ringye Gonkla school
It was a difficult winter for lama Lobsang Choeden and the children who had to move out of the village hall are the buildings was collapsing after the summer rains, and they had to manage in a hut on the building site. Their spirit remained high in spite of being cramped in a hut of the building site and the school thrives with 35 children (29 boys and 6 girls) who now have two Tibetan teachers from the school of Dechen in the Mekong gorge over the other side of the mountain.

Thanks to the Tibetan Society’s fund raising appeal for the Mt Baima Project, together with a donation from other charitable concern as well as your generous support, the sum of over 9,000 pounds was sent to WWF in Beijing in May to cover the cost of installing a water supply for the school. It was then possible to go ahead and the main building school be finished by August.
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